Today is the time of competition and to beat this competition students need to be equipped with both theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Good management training must include practical training and exposure in conjunction with a course. Educational travel can be a life-changing experience. These travels provide students with an opportunity to stretch their views and transform their understanding of self, their world and the way business is conducted in a globalized world. Such trips alow a kind of cross-cultural exchange that go miles in helping students attain their ultimate goal of having a paid job. In view of this, DBIM has embarked on a plan to give first-hand experience to its student through "Exposure Trips". For every incoming batch, the institute plans for the following three excursions.

Student exposure trip to Siloam
The Siloam/Shillong trip is not only aimed at providing students an opportunity to interact with the academic and professional elite of the Shillong area but also provide them with an understanding of their commitment to society with visits to such places like the "Vocational Training Centre for Deaf and Dumb" in the Siloam area. This trip is only for the second year MBA students and is scheduled in the last week of September. The trip in its entirety is financed by DBIM.

Student exchange program to Salesian College, Siliguri
The exchange program with the Salesian College, Siliguri is designed to provide the management students of both the colleges an opportunity to interact with one another and learn from personal and faculty experiences. In addition to theoritical exchange, the program also allowes the faculty and students to iteract and build relationships with the nearby industries and business houses. This trip is primarily aimed at the first year MBA students and is conducted during the first week of January. Financing for the trip depends on the number of interested students.

Student exposure trip across India
The focus of this trip is to build relationships, expose students to different manufacturing units, provide interactive sessions with heads/directors of corporations and provide cross-cultural experiences so that students open up to working in different regions across India. The trip is only for the second year MBA students and is usually organized in January-February. This trip is not a regular feature and depends primarily on bulk participation by the second year students.

We have had two trips thus far for the MBA Class of 2011 and 2015. The first trip was to Mumbai, Bangalore and Kochi in January 2011 and the second was in January 2015 to Bengaluru, Mysore, Cochin, Kottayam and Alleppey. Financing is in part by DBIM.